Idea generator and producer of film and photography.

Rekorder Berlin Film Production

Idea generator and producer of film and photography.

Director (Canada)

Nicolás Méndez aka CANADA

Nicolás Méndez directs and writes with the same intensity a small nocturnal bonfire illuminates a whole forest: his ideas and images shine because they are irreverent, delicate and energetic. Projects like “Bombay” for El Guincho, “Trying to be Cool” for Phoenix, “The Less I Know The Better” for Tame Impala, “Up All Night” for Beck or “Malamente” and “Pienso en Tu Mirá” for Rosalía speak for themselves of a sardonic spirit which is emotional at the same time. The international success of all of them, as well as his role as an advertising director for clients such as Easyjet, Cadbury’s, Budweiser, Chupa-Chups, or Huawei, are the best demonstration of this.

Director (Canada)

Lope Serrano aka CANADA

Lope Serrano directs, writes and draws and in his best works an echo threading these three skills together can be heard; music videos, commercials or shorts in the reality of which there is a fugue. A sensual, dreamy and plush fugue. Through that kaleidoscopic void a gorilla in love can be seen, “The Less I Know The Better” (Tame Impala), dancing fireworks (“LA” for Mujeres), a dessert in the prime of life, (“Crème Caramel” with Nowness), or a yarn of wool that seeks its destiny in the short “Sound and Vision” (commissioned for David Bowie’s exhibition). His commercial work has allowed him to expand the motives for this fugue for clients such as H&M, Coca-Cola, Instagram, EasyJet, Budweiser, Boots or Miu-Miu.


Alan Masferrer

Catalan-born director Alan Masferrer stands for an imaginative, surprising and artistic style. His music videos and commercial work have won several awards (UKMVA, MT, Ciclope among others) and are loved by clients like Ikea and Moncler.
Alan takes the audience with him and immerses them in incomparable visual experiences, sometimes dreamlike and surreal, always unseen. He is a master in captivating his audience in an unique way.

Alan Masferrer is represented by Rekorder.

Director (Canada)

Roger Guàrdia

Roger Guàrdia is a director with a fresh and strong cinematic style. His curiosity and talent allowed him to shape his own voice and unique signature and he loves finding a personal and powerful approach to every project.

Director (Canada)

Femke Huurdeman

Working strictly from intuition, Femke’s films are always in sync. Her curiosity for all that moves comes paired with a rare and delicate sense of humour, making her work as amusing as it is stylish.

Director (Canada)


PensacolaStudio is a music video and commercials directing team founded by Pau and Pau, currently based in NYC. They have directed TV spots worldwide for brands such as Asos, Ikea, Samsung, Sony, SFR, Ray Ban, Intel, among others. They amaze with a clever style and a very energetic voice, their work has been nominated and awarded by multiple festivals and associations.


Erik Morales

The award-winning director Erik Morales was born in Barcelona and is one of the most attractive talents for authentic storytelling. Erik tells stories – often at the intersection of documentary and fiction – in a convincing, clever and subtle amusing manner. His films have strong visual and emotional components, whilst remaining authentic. He has an amazing knack of working close to life and to people. Erik loves great stories and we love Erik for sharing them with us!

Erik Morales is represented by Rekorder


Vallée Duhamel

With Julien Vallée and Eve Duhamel we welcome another fantastic director partnership into our circle. They create insanely colorful, beautiful, playful and distinctive films - really unique. They’re the prefect mixture between high class and low-fi and always super creative. Among others they've already made clients such as Google, Coca-Cola, New York Times, Hermès, Samsung, Reebok and MTV very happy.

Vallée Duhamel are represented by Rekorder.

Director (Canada)


MANSON is a directing team made up of Pau López, Gerardo del Hierro and Tomás Peña – a bold team of visionaries who came together to create a versatile and eclectic creative force. Their work covers a diverse spectrum of techniques and themes: traditional animation and 3D, comedy and fashion, documentary and fantasy.


Astrid de Leon

Astrid de Leon is a Spanish filmmaker and photographer recognized for her authentic performances and organic sensibilities. Astrid moved to London when she was 18 and graduated from the prestigious Central Saint Martins with a Fine Art Degree, her focus was documentary photography and film. She was selected as one of the winners of an internship with the prestigious Magnum Photographers in Liverpool where she got further formation in Documentary Film and Photography.

In 2010 she started an apprenticeship in New York with the worldwide renowned photographer and director, Mario Sorrenti. For the next four years she focused mainly on film defining her own visual identity.

Astrid shares her time between New York, Spain and Berlin, where she continues to express her world's vision through film and photography.

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Nick & Chloé

Nick West & Chloé Claverie are an internationally renowned photography and director duo based in Berlin. Their work transcends the norm, transporting the viewer to a world somewhere in between fantasy and reality with inimitable style. Nick & Chloé create a visceral photographic experience that has been sought after by clients such as Guerlain, Nike, Levi's, HBO, and Audi. They have also had their work exhibited in the Victoria & Albert Museum in London and Hamburger Bahnhof in Berlin.

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Leo Adef

Leo Adef is an internationally renowned director, based in Barcelona but whose work knows no borders. His undeniable talent for capturing the spirit of his subjets in intimate portraits of youth, subculture and self-exploration will invade your senses and refuse to let go. His mastery of portraying fearless vulnerability has garnered fierce attention in the fashion world, working for likes of i-D, Hercules Magazine, MTV and Nowness. Once you see his work, you won't forget the name, Leo Adef.

Leo Adef is represented by Rekorder


Zachary Heinzerling

Zachary Heinzerling is a director with a strong cinematic and artful approach. His films capture real and surreal moments and intimate performances. Originally studying philosophy and art, he started his filmmaking career at HBO, where he worked as a producer as well as a cinematographer on four consecutive Emmy Award-winning documentaries and the Emmy Award-winning series 24/7.

In 2012, he completed his feature debut, the multi-award-winning film, “Cutie and the Boxer”, which he both directed and shot. “Cutie and the Boxer” was nominated for a 2014 Academy Award and also won the Sundance Film Festival Directing Award, the Charles Guggenheim Emerging Artist Award and the International Documentary Association's Emerging Documentary Filmmaker Award.

More recently, Zachary directed wonderful spots for Facebook, Mazda, and was enlisted by Beyoncé Knowles-Carter to direct the five-part web series “Self-Titled” for her latest album, “Beyoncé.”

Zachary Heinzerling is represented by Rekorder.


Elias Ressegatti

Elias Ressegatti is a Swiss-born, Los Angeles based filmmaker. Since his commercial directing debut in 2008, he's worked both in the US and Europe for clients such as Mercedes Benz, ESPN, Swiss Life, Zoo Zurich, Kia, and more, collecting multiple awards from across the globe along the way. From touching life experiences and human emotion to the raw power of a beautiful sports car, Elias is well versed in capturing the soul of his subjects in a bold and stylish manner. His project ‚Future Classics‘ being the epitome of this fantastic skill, featuring iconic cars spanning the decades and their unique owners.

When he’s not filming, Elias is passionate about trashy tv-shows, exhaust fumes and chasing the perfect light down the PCH on a Wednesday evening.

Elias Ressegatti is represented by Rekorder


Nehemias Colindres

Nehemias Colindres is an expert in creating emotional portraits. His special talent lies in authentic storytelling, coupled with a grand cinematic aesthetic. Thus creating an impressive way of grasping the emotional core of his subjects and making it tangible. Authentic and aesthetic - he has made great films for: Kodak, Canon, Airbnb, KIA.

Nehemias Colindres is represented by Rekorder


Edu Grau

Strong storytelling and captivating, unique, beautiful images are at the heart of Edu's work - whether it's for TVCs or features. He has an innate understanding of human nature and of the small nuances that make films connect with their audiences. Edu has worked on great films with Meryl Streep, Colin Firth, Helena Bonham Carter, and Michael Fassbender as well as award-winning campaigns for Southern Comfort, Volkswagen, John Lewis, Gatorade with Messi, Schweppes with Iggy Pop, Axe, and many more. We are happy to have such a talented filmmaker and wonderful person on our side.

Edu is represented by Rekorder.


Greg Barth

Designer turned director Greg Barth is an award winning artist from Geneva, Switzerland, currently based in London. Greg specializes in animation and design driven projects ranging from music videos to TV advertisements, idents & virals. His passion for strong, often surreal concepts, and naive minimal aesthetics have brought him to work for renown international clients, get published in prestigious design books, and be strongly featured in the visual industry's leading blogs and websites. And his work is very successful! His film for the Internet Explorer "Child of the 90's" has 50 million views. The process behind his work is a hand's on full devotion to the piece. From the concept, storyline and art direction, to directing and post production. And to top it off he is a really nice guy.

Greg Barth is represented by Rekorder


Werner Klemm

Werner Klemm is a director and the CEO of Rekorder. Werner founded Rekorder almost 20 years ago with the aim of creating extraordinary projects in visual storytelling. During his career he has worked on high-profile campaigns including those for BMW, Porsche and Google. His visual style can be characterized as cinematic editorial. Werner Klemm was also Executive Producer of NIMIC – the successful short film project by Academy Award director Yorgos Lanthimos made in collaboration with MINI and Droga5.


Marcus Tomlinson

Marcus Tomlinson is a unique and visionary Film Director and Media Artist. Clients such as Jil Sander, Porsche, Samsung, BMW and Mercedes Benz adore his artistic quality and finesse with which he's able to create high-end films with technical precision. His vision always remains true to the product, open minded and artistic. His talent is hard to find - but now it can be found at Rekorder.

Marcus Tomlinson is represented by Rekorder

Director (Canada)

Nur Casadevall

The style of Nur Casadevall is electric and uncompromising, pairing attentive and delicate visuals with a restless and mischievous spirit. In her films, architecture and music go hand in hand, both being sensitive to and breaking the rules of symmetry and synchrony.