Idea generator and producer of film and photography.

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Idea generator and producer of film and photography.


Astrid Sterner

Astrid Sterner is a Spanish filmmaker and photographer recognized for her authentic performances and organic sensibilities. Astrid moved to London when she was 18 and graduated from the prestigious Central Saint Martins with a Fine Art Degree, her focus was documentary photography and film. She was selected as one of the winners of an internship with the prestigious Magnum Photographers in Liverpool where she got further formation in Documentary Film and Photography.

In 2010 she started an apprenticeship in New York with the worldwide renowned photographer and director, Mario Sorrenti. For the next four years she focused mainly on film defining her own visual identity.

Astrid shares her time between New York, Spain and Berlin, where she continues to express her world's vision through film and photography.

Astrid Sterner is represented by Rekorder. Go to photography portfolio Go to film portfolio

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BMW | Art Journey | Best Of

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Tu Danses

Idea generator and producer of film and photography.

Ideengenerator und Produzent von Film und Fotografie

Rekorder proudly presents Tu Danses, a music video for french pop musician, Gabriel Auguste.

Directed by Nick & Chloé.

It is the second chapter to our earlier Slowset project.

We explore the theme of the Slow Dance through the gaze of youth.

"Believing that the slow dance is nearing extinction, here is our call to arms to nurture and revive this classic courting ritual. The contemporary dance and music world has turned their back on this mystical, awkward but pragmatic way to encounter the object of your desire. Our gaze fixed downwards on smart phones missing the human life in our proximity. We went back to Berlin, renowned for its techno, mono dancing scene. We gathered a cast of teenagers to come along to our neo futuristic set which acted as a kind of quarantine zone where they could practise the art of the Slow Dance without ridicule."
Nick & Chloé

A Film by Nick & Chloé
Produced by Rekorder
Artist: Gabriel Auguste
Director: Chloé Claverie
Creative Director: Nick West
Starring: Gabriel Auguste, Paula Breuer, Ida Vogel, Mira Antonina Campo
Jastrzebski, Matia Sprenger, Erik Bruns, Karim Deiback, Hari Reiners, Sophie Pfuhler
Rekorder CEO: Werner Klemm
Executive Producer: Alexis Delanoue
Line Producer: Adria Paituví
Production Assistant: Moritz Hüttner
Casting Director: Chiara Bonetti
1st Assistant Director: Nils Kutzner
Gaffer: Lonny Spence
Digital Operator: Signe Reibisch
Stylist: Andrea Horn
Stylist assistant: Xavier Linnard
Hair & Make-Up: Annika Noack
Hair & make-Up assistant: Amelie Vidal
Animation: ABC Paris, Gabrielle Chaillat
Colour Grading: Nadia Khairat, Delfina Mayer
Typographer: Camille Roy
Editor: Søren Schneider
Post Production coordinator : Consuelo Guijarro

Links to press : LES INROCKS, TSUGI

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Rimowa | Spacewalker

Idea generator and producer of film and photography.

Ideengenerator und Produzent von Film und Fotografie

Rekorder proudly presents new work for RIMOWA.

The film is directed by the renowned director Albert Moya (represented by New Light Films - a division of Art + Commerce) and produced by Rekorder. The film tells a futuristic story about an out-of- the-ordinary routine in the life of two purposeful travellers. When they return back to the earth after having lived in space, after all, they are confronted with an existential conflict of not recognizing themselves anymore.

An intriguing film with a strong, cinematic and modern approach.

"No one builds a legacy by standing still.“ - RIMOWA


Directed by Albert Moya
Creative Direction Yannis Henrion
Produced by Rekorder GmbH
CEO Werner Klemm
Executive Producer Alexis Delanoue
Producer Adria Paituvi
Producer Assistant Moritz Hüttner
Executive Producer Ziggy Le Vin
Producer Clara Smith
DOP Ryan Marie Helfant
Styling Theophile Hermand
Edited by Carlos Font Clos
Grading Marc Morató @Metropolitana
Music & sound design Moritz Staub

Feature  •  Rekorder

NIMIC by Yorgos Lanthimos

Idea generator and producer of film and photography.

Ideengenerator und Produzent von Film und Fotografie

Trailer II


NIMIC is a new short film project from
Yorgos Lanthimos produced by Rekorder, Superprime Films and Merman London in association with creative agency Droga5
starring Matt Dillon and Daphne Patakia.

Written with longtime collaborator Efthymis Filippou and featuring Oscar-nominated actor Matt Dillon and Daphne Patakia (Winner of the EFP’s Rising Star in 2016), the twelve minute short film tells the story of a professional cellist and an encounter he has on the subway which has unexpected and far-reaching ramification on his life. Living firmly in Lanthimos’ unique cinematic universe, the film asks questions about identity, perception, relationships and circularity.

Yorgos Lanthimos says of the film
“I was glad to be given the opportunity to work on a shorter format that can be sometimes challenging but quite rewarding. We developed a script starting from a very intriguing initial idea and concept, and enjoyed great creative freedom during the realisation of the film. It is always very exciting to be invited to think outside the box and wrestle with stimulating ideas.”

Rekorder is the partner-in-crime providing a foundation for creativity.

“We are always thrilled to work with extraordinary talents in visual storytelling. To be able to provide a singular artist whose work refuses to be contained by any perceived limits of cinema – a safe space stocked with all the resources he may need to create, is our signature service.”
– Werner Klemm, CEO of Rekorder

Daphne Patakia says
“I was very impressed by the way Yorgos is invested in the work he does, it is very inspiring.”

Matt Dillon says
“It’s rare that an established director like Yorgos makes a short film and I was happy to be part of it. Yorgos likes to take chances and give the audience something to chew on. It’s kind of a surreal film with universal themes of family and identity. The structure is a bit of a puzzle so you’re never quite sure what’s really going on. I had my own ideas and would ask Yorgos but he would just smile and say nothing. I think he prefers to let the film do the talking.”

NIMIC world premiered on August 9th, 2019 at the Locarno Film Festival.

NIMIC was made in partnership with MINI as part of their ongoing commitment to celebrate the power of creativity. Thinking outside the box has always driven MINI’s engagement, as their patronage of NIMIC demonstrates once again.

Photos © Yorgos Lanthimos


Alan Masferrer

Catalonia-born director Alan Masferrer stands for an imaginative, surprising and artistic style. His music videos and commercial work have won several awards (including UKMVA, MTV, Ciclope).

"It was with the golden age of music videos in the nineties when I got completely obsessed about directing. Their spirit has been my source of inspiration since then, which is why I have a special love for short formats "

Alan lets his audience immerse into unparalleled visual experiences, sometimes dreamlike and surreal, always unseen

"The magic always comes from the most unexpected places and you have to be ready to catch it."

Alan is a master at captivating his audience in a unique way.

Ian Pons Jewell sagte im Interview mit Booooooom:

„Alan Masferrer is a director comping up that people should be more aware of. I had the pleasure of meeting him a few years back, and have followed his work since. He has a very special sensitivity that I find to be quite rare; his work can be so full of heart that it

genuinely moves me when I watch it.“

Alan Masferrer is represented by Rekorder

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MINI | Studio INI

Idea generator and producer of film and photography.

Ideengenerator und Produzent von Film und Fotografie

Rekorder proudly presents the first episode of the MINI ELECTRIC portrait series.

The film, directed by Nick & Chloé and produced by Rekorder, portrays Nassia Inglessis – head of designer firm Studio INI – and her newest art piece URBAN IMPRINT @ A/D/O in Brooklyn, NYC:

“It’s not just our own curiosity, but we’re actually trying to touch upon experience and needs which are current and currently missing.”
– Nassia Inglessis

We constantly adapt to the outside world, but how does the outside world, our urban environment, adapt to us? To our motion and action? URBAN IMPRINT is all about how technology creates our urban environment, recreates and reconsiders it in a way to make it more dynamic and interactive.

“The philosophy of creating something that matters, concerns and changes the environment we live in to the positive drives the MINI ELECTRIC CAMPAIGN and it is something that we, at Rekorder, truly identify with.”
– Werner Klemm, CEO of Rekorder

Photos © Nick & Chloé
Behind the scenes © Jonathan Charles

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Nick & Chloé | Slowset

The Slowdance is nearing extinction. We must act with urgency!

With our brilliant Directors duo Nick&Chloé, we set out to revive that classic courting ritual.

DJ’s! Play the Slowset to save the planet!

Produced by Rekorder

Film by Nick & Chloé
Director: Chloé Claverie
Creative producer: Nick West
Music: Sam Tiba
Post Production: The Abc
Styling: Andrea Horn
Styling Assistent: Malin Rickertsen
Hair & MU: Tony Lundstrom
Edit – long version: Fix Studio
Co-Production: Art Bridge
Slowdancers: Berkant Ozturk, Casper von Bulow, Erik Bruns, Georgette Tripes, Ida Vogel, Maja Bons, Marlena Korte

Film  •  Werner Klemm

BMW | Art Journey | Zac Langdon-Pole

Feature  •  Rekorder

Herbert Grönemeyer | Mein Lebensstrahlen

Idea generator and producer of film and photography.

Ideengenerator und Produzent von Film und Fotografie

Rekorder proudly presents new work for RIMOWA.

The music video of Herbert Grönemeyer's brand new single „Mein Lebensstrahlen“ was directed by Nick&Chloé and produced by Rekorder.

„…Kein Vorbehalt, Du bist
Mein Lebensstrahlen
keine Tricks, einfach Geschick
schieres Gefallen
beteuert und befreit
zwischen Hirn und Jetzt
mit Liebe besetzt...“

The film, starring talented German actress Friederike Becht (The Reader/Der Vorleser) and Herbert Grönemeyer himself, transcends into a dreamlike and aesthetic world.

The cinematic images decently uncover a romantic story that stays mysterious until the end. A clear and honest confession in the lyrics lies over befogged and mystic surroundings of retro Berlin.

Directed by Nick & Chloé
Starring: Herbert Grönemeyer & Friederike Becht

Groenland Records:
Lenz Hein
Claudia Kaloff

Creative Agency:
Marketing Labs
a division of Universal Music GmbH
Senior Director Creative Agency: Johannes Heldrich

Production: Rekorder GmbH
CEO: Werner Klemm
Executive Producer: Alexis Delanoue
Producer: Adrià Paituvi
Production Assistant: Moritz Hüttner

1st AD: Pierre Buffe
1st AD (2nd Unit): Nils Kutzner

DoP: Sophian Belgarbi
1st AC: Dominik Bodammer
2nd AC: Bastian Köhn
DoP (2nd Unit): Stephan Fallucchi
1st AC (2nd Unit): David Gaiser
2nd AC (2nd Unit): Maximilian Nierade
Steadycam Operator: Alberto Ojedas
DIT: Consuelo Guijarro

Gaffer: Thibault Roginas
Electrician: Tom Sperling
Electrician: René Gamsa
Electrician (2nd Unit): Sebastian Fuhrmann
Electrician (2nd Unit): Christoph Naschke

Key Grip: Jonny Beck
Grip: Tim Gehring

H&M: Cynthia & Philippe Baligan at Nina Klein Agency
H&M (2nd Unit): Annika Noack
H&M Assistant (2nd Unit): Nadine Hochwieser
Styling: Andrea Horn
Styling Assistant: Tianyang Li
Styling Assistant (2nd Unit): Xavier Lienard

Set Manager (2nd Unit): Bennet Weidemann
Production Assistant: Anastasia Tonkha
Production Assistant: Chiara Bonetti
Fahrer: Sascha Thamm
Fahrer: Sol Astolfi
Fahrer (2nd Unit): Andreas Rossmann
Fahrer (2nd Unit): Jose Luis Heras

Postproduction: Rekorder GmbH
Post Producer: Victor del Castillo
Editor: Soren Schneider
Color Grading: Sarah Salzmann

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MINI Electric | Charged with Passion

Latest work for MINI.

MINI energises peoples’ lives with maximal experiences and a minimal footprint. Small in size and iconic in design, the first Mini, built in 1959, delivered a thrill all its own. Today, MINI is applying these ideas across urban life.


Erik Morales

The award-winning director Erik Morales was born in Barcelona and is one of the most attractive talents for authentic storytelling. Erik tells stories – often at the intersection of documentary and fiction – in a convincing, clever and subtle amusing manner. His films have strong visual and emotional components, whilst remaining authentic. He has an amazing knack of working close to life and to people. Erik loves great stories and we love Erik for sharing them with us!

Erik Morales is represented by Rekorder

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MINI Fashion | Field Notes | Capsule Collection | Director’s Cut

To all urban travellers among you... check out our new project for MINI Fashion! With Designs by Liam Hodges, Staffonly, PH5 and Rike Feurstein for the MINI FASHION FIELD NOTES Capsule Collection.

Produced by Rekorder
Agency: Meiré & Meiré


Reel  •  Rekorder

MINI Fashion | Field Notes | Interview

We are excited to share the interview for our latest project for MINI FASHION!

Stay tuned for the final version of FIELD NOTES, produced by Rekorder and filmed on both 16mm and digital in Berlin and Shanghai.

Produced by Rekorder
Agency: Meiré & Meiré

Film  •  Zachary Heinzerling

Smirnoff | Nadia Tehran

Film  •  Vallée Duhamel

Google | Android Wear

Film  •  Leo Adef

MTV | Mood Swing

Reel  •  Rekorder

BMW | Art Journey | Jamal Cyrus

Rekorder accompanied Jamal Cyrus, the latest winner of BMW Art Journey, Jamal Cyrus on his exploration of the Afro-Atlantic in London. Jamal Cyrus traveled across continents retracing migrations within the African Diaspora.

The Houston based artist creates a body of work that spans sculpture, painting, visual arts and performance. The notion of the Afro-Atlantic is, in his own words, “an intercontinental and multinational geography describing the circulation of ideas between Africa, Europe, and the Americas.”

Produced by Rekorder

Music by Jamire Williams Title: dos au soleil

Reel  •  Rekorder

MINI URBAN-X | Hero Film

Check out our latest project for MINI, the worldwide campaign for URBAN-X, the accelerator for startups reimagining city life. We accompanied and talked to the brilliant founders of some of the greatest startups in the US and found out about their visions to improve city life.

Produced by Rekorder.

Directed by Paul Bachmann

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Edu Grau | Volkswagen | Companion

Film  •  Nehemias Colindres

Mercedes Benz | Do You


Reel  •  Rekorder

BMW | IAA 2017

Rekorder had the honor of being the Lead Media Production for BMW at the IAA 2017 in Frankfurt. Our goal was to create an artistically unique and interactive event for visitors to experience the amazing world of BMW. The centerpiece of the IAA 2017 was the centrally located Vision Loop. With more than 500 seats and a 150-metre-long circuit, the Vision Loop created a dense and immediate visitor experience, shedding a new light on Sheer Driving Pleasure.

As part of the all-day highlight shows, a kinetic media setup with eight robotic media panels created a constantly transforming stage design. After months of planning and producing, we are proud to say: THIS IS TOMORROW. NOW.


Edu Grau

Storytelling and arresting, beautiful and unique images are at the heart of his work, whether it be a commercial or a feature film. He has an innate understanding of human nature and of the small nuances that make films connect with their audiences. He has worked on great films with Meryl Streep, Colin Firth, Helena Bonham Carter and Michael Fassbender, as well as award winning campaigns for Southern Comfort, Volkswagen, John Lewis, Gatorade with Messi, Schweppes with Iggy Pop, Axe and many more. We are overjoyed to have such a talented filmmaker and wonderful person on our side.

Edu is represented by Rekorder


Greg Barth

Designer turned director Greg Barth is an award winning artist from Geneva, Switzerland, currently based in London. Greg specializes in animation and design driven projects ranging from music videos to TV advertisements, idents & virals. His passion for strong, often surreal concepts, and naive minimal aesthetics have brought him to work for renown international clients, get published in prestigious design books, and be strongly featured in the visual industry's leading blogs and websites. And his work is very successful! His film for the Internet Explorer "Child of the 90's" has 50 million views. The process behind his work is a hand's on full devotion to the piece. From the concept, storyline and art direction, to directing and post production. And to top it off he is a really nice guy.

Greg Barth is represented by Rekorder


Leo Adef

Leo Adef is an internationally renowned director, based in Barcelona but whose work knows no borders. His undeniable talent for capturing the spirit of his subjets in intimate portraits of youth, subculture and self-exploration will invade your senses and refuse to let go. His mastery of portraying fearless vulnerability has garnered fierce attention in the fashion world, working for likes of i-D, Hercules Magazine, MTV and Nowness. Once you see his work, you won't forget the name, Leo Adef.

Leo Adef is represented by Rekorder
Aisha Zeijpveld


Aisha Zeijpveld

Amsterdam based photographer Aisha Zeijpveld specializes in conceptual portraiture. But she is not just a photographer - she photographs, collages, photographs, arranges and photographs once again. Zeijpveld then transforms each piece with her eccentric editing. Hair is replaced with smoke, cracks appear in naked backs, extra limbs sprout from bodies. She uses hands-on techniques rather than digital compositing and prefers lo-fi over high tech. Using found objects, scissors, torn paper and other elements, Zeipjeld brings another depth to her photos, allowing them to exist on the border of reality and dream world.

Aisha is represented by Rekorder.

Photo  •  Aisha Zeijpveld

This Art Fair

Photo  •  Nick & Chloé

Lord of the Beasts of the Earth and Fishes of the Sea

Photo  •  Benedict Redgrove


Film  •  Marcus Tomlinson

Porsche | 911 Turbo S Exclusive Series

Photo  •  Benedict Redgrove

Aston Martin | Valkyrie

Photo  •  Sasha Kurmaz


Film  •  Greg Barth

Epic Fail

Reel  •  Rekorder

Rheinenergie | Die Energie einer ganzen Region | Frank Almstedt

RheinEnergie | Die Energie einer ganzen Region.

The film series describes the everyday activities of people who enrich life in Cologne and the Rhineland. Mira, Frank and Kasalla are all energetic in their own ways - a woman for all weather conditions, a dad of the 1st FC Cologne and a band that inspires people with their music and lyrics. All are part of the energy of a whole region.

Frank, kit manager from 1. FC Cologne

"I feel the energy in the morning, when I get up, I come here and say: now I will give everything!" Frank does everything for his players - he cleans hundreds of pairs of shoes and cleans 2,600 pieces of laundry a month - almost.

Director: Werner Klemm

Production: Rekorder

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RheinEnergie | Die Energie einer ganzen Region | Mira Schneider

RheinEnergie | Die Energie einer ganzen Region | Mira Schneider

The film series describes the everyday activities of people who enrich life in Cologne and the Rhineland. Mira, Frank and Kasalla are all energetic in their own ways - a woman for all weather conditions, a dad of the 1st FC Cologne and a band that inspires people with their music and lyrics. All are part of the energy of a whole region.

Mira, test engineer at the Climate Wind Tunnel Test Center at Ford

"I like to reach my limits and pushing my limits is what excites me!" Mira has been working as a test engineer in the Wind Tunnel for six years. "Without energy, nothing works here." When it rains outside, Mira turns on the sun inside.

Director: Werner Klemm
Production: Rekorder

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Rheinenergie | Die Energie einer ganzen Region | Kasalla

The film series describes the everyday activities of people who enrich life in Cologne and the Rhineland. Mira, Frank and Kasalla are all energetic in their own ways - a woman for all weather conditions, a dad of the 1st FC Köln and a band that inspires people with their music and lyrics. All are part of the energy of a whole region.

The Cologne band Kasalla

"You give away an incredible amount of energy from yourself and get an unbelievable amount of energy from the audience." At a WG party, the idea arose to do something together. In 2011 the band was founded: Kasalla. With Kölscher language, the band conquers the carnival season and then plays up to 12 times a day - unbelievable! For the band, there is no standstill, courageously they experiment beyond and explore other musical styles.

RheinEnergie | Die Energie einer ganzen Region.

Director: Werner Klemm

Production: Rekorder